Get your 2 cents worth

Buried in a lengthy Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), the FCC is planning an increase in the vanity callsign license fee. The fee is now $15 for the 10 year license term.

In the NPRM the FCC addresses fee increases across many different services, and the increase is in tabular form, so you have to locate the line "Amateur Vanity Call Signs" and then the column "Rounded New FY 2013 Regulatory Fee". Where the two intersect is the number 1.52. What that means is that the regulatory fee is $1.52 per year, or $15.20 over the 10 year vanity callsign period. In other words, a vanity callsign will set you back an extra two cents every year once this increase goes through.

Talk about getting your two cents worth!

If you've got way too much time on your hands and would like to look at the NPRM in PDF, you can find it here:

The table with the new vanity fee is on page 25.

Happy reading!

73 - Pat
Handiham Coordinator