Handiham Email Lists

Courage Center's Handiham System provides several mailing lists that contain news about ham radio and technology for people with disabilities and others who may be interested.

Handiham World: This is our weekly e-letter, which is also available as an audio podcast. It is published Wednesdays on https://handiham.org and is also available in streaming audio on that website. This newsletter is available via email:

Freelists.org hosts our mailing list. Go to
and create an account. This list is open to everyone, regardless of Handiham membership. The list does not accept member posts, as it is only used to send out the Handiham World on Wednesdays.

We have had reports of members not getting their weekly e-letter or Friday lecture notices. Report problems to Lucinda.Moody@allina.com. Always check your spam or junk mail filters.

Handiham-Notify: This is a closed list available only to Handiham members. Its purpose is to deliver a notice of audio lectures each Friday.