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This page has been updated on 11/06/2017.

Welcome to the Handiham Technician Course Lecture Series.  Please use this course to study for the beginner license from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2018.  The audio format is MP3, and you may download each audio lecture to your computer or portable player for studying anywhere at any time. If you know how to use zip files and have a DAISY book player, you may download all of the lectures at once as a  DAISY zip file (281 MB). Patrick Tice, WA0TDA, will be your instructor.  He will make a special effort to make the course blind-friendly. Please proceed at your own pace, and let me know if you have any questions

  1. Introduction to the course and an explanation of Amateur Radio and why it is different from other radio services.

  2. Radio Signals and Waves, Metric System Units, How Wavelength and Frequency are Related.

  3. Modulation:  How we get information into a radio signal.

  4. Equipment Basics - Transmitter, Receiver, and TR switch, as well as all three rolled up into one: The Transceiver!

  5. We start our discussion of Electricity with Volts, Amps, Ohms, Circuits and more.

  6. It's the law!  Ohm's Law, that is. 

  7. Power - how we calculate it in a circuit. We also take on a few metric unit conversions for good measure.

  8. Let's learn about the components that make up circuits.

  9. Radio circuits & terms.

  10. Review Time!  We go over questions from the Question Pool that relate to what we have already studied.

  11. Let's take a look at how radio signals propagate across distances as we study different types of signal propagation.

  12. It's time to talk antenna basics!

  13. Feed lines & SWR.

  14. Practical antennas & feedlines with a bit about SWR meters and how to calculate antenna length.

  15. It's pop quiz time!  Here's review number two, covering the recent lectures.

  16. Now some fun stuff: Transmitters & Receivers!

  17. Digital communications:  Talking via your keyboard with digital modes of operation.

  18. Powering your station: Power supplies, batteries, generators, and more.

  19. Radio Frequency Interference - What it is and how to get rid of it.

  20. RF Grounding - what it is, how it is different from safety grounding, and symptoms of RF caused problems.

  21. Review number three, covering amateur radio equipment.

  22. How to make contacts on the air; identification; Q-signals; signal reports.

  23. What is a Band Plan?  Why do we need them?

  24. Making that first contact on the air!

  25. Most hams use repeaters when they first get started. Here's what you need to know.

  26. Let's learn about nets and public service communication.

  27. How about some activities like working DX or satellite operation?

  28. Our 4th review session.  Questions from the pool.

  29. Licensing and regulations - Things you need to know about callsigns and more.

  30. Regulations related to operating on the air.

  31. Safety in Amateur Radio - Our final lecture.



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