2014-2018 Technician Pool
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The 2014-2018 Technician Class Question Pool is for use between July 1 2014 and June 30 2018.  It has been recorded in audio format by volunteer Jim Perry, KJ3P.  This version includes each question followed by the correct answer only.  In cases where the answer is "more than one is correct", all answers are read.  The question pool is read from beginning to end, starting with section T-1.  There are 10 sections, but the last one is T-0, so we have given it a file name of T10.  Several questions refer to figures, and since this recording is intended for users who will request a "blind-friendly" exam with the "no figures" option, we are skipping those questions.  We strongly recommend that our members do request an exam that has the "no figures" option if they cannot see the figures or have a reading disability.  The exam will still cover all the necessary sections and will still be 35 multiple choice questions. 

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A complete plain text version of the Technician 2014-2018 question pool is available on the NCVEC website for your reference.  

You may also download a zip file of Jim's recording for your NLS DAISY player.


  1. Section T-1

  2. Section T-2

  3. Section T-3

  4. Section T-4

  5. Section T-5

  6. Section T-6

  7. Section T-7

  8. Section T-8

  9. Section T-9

  10. Section T-0

2014-2018 Technician Pool in DAISY.  Use after June 30, 2014.  This is a single 34 MB zip file which you must unzip before putting on your NLS cartridge.


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