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handiham audio updated on 04/30/2018.

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Listen to the latest Handiham World Weekly E-Letter.

Study Quick Links:

Technician Class Lecture series for 2014-2018  Now complete with 31 total lessons.  It is now also available as a downloadable DAISY zip file (281 MB).

General  Notice! There is a mistake in this lecture when adding resistors in series Rt=R1+R2+R3.  The numbers go like this:  10 ohms plus 100 ohms plus 1 ohm equals 111 ohms, but the audio says 101 ohms.  It should say 111 ohms. 

Notice:  There is an error in the audio version of our pool.  G7B04 - Which of the following describes the function of a two input NOR gate. The reader gives the answer as: C – output is low when either or both inputs are low. That answer is not even a choice on the possible answers. The question from the FCC question pool is below.  

G7B04 (C) Which of the following describes the function of a two input NOR gate?
A. Output is high when either or both inputs are low
B. Output is high only when both inputs are high
C. Output is low when either or both inputs are high
D. Output is low only when both inputs are high  

New: Extra Class Question Pool 2016 - 2020, recorded by KJ3P - DAISY book format, downloadable zip file.

Now in downloadable MP3:  The 2015-2019 General Pool read by Bob Zeida, N1BLF

Now in DAISY as a downloadable 330 MB zip file:  The ARRL General Class License Manual 8th Edition in DAISY.  Warning!  This is a large file and will require a cable internet or other broadband connection.  Do not download it on your cellular connection, as it may cause you to exceed your data limit.

General 2015-2019 Question Pool - DAISY book zip file download.


Operating Skills

QST April 2018 digest in DAISY, recorded by Bob Zeida, N1BLF, for our blind members is ready in a downloadable zip file.

QST March 2018 digest in DAISY, recorded by Bob Zeida, N1BLF, for our blind members is ready in a downloadable zip file.

QST February 2018 digest in DAISY, recorded by Bob Zeida, N1BLF, for our blind members is ready in a downloadable zip file.

QCWA Journal for May 2018 recorded by Jim Perry, KJ3P.  Or go to All QCWA Downloads if you want to look at all of our QCWA Journal recordings sorted by date, newest to oldest.

CQ Magazine for April 2018 in downloadable zip file format for DAISY.

In computing:  Creating a mirror image of your hard drive with Macrium Reflect and JAWS 16.

In computing:  Restoring a mirror image of your hard drive with Macrium Reflect and JAWS 16.

In Op Skills:  A small DAISY book version of the KB5ELV "Eyes-Free Guide to the Baofeng UV5R" dual-band HT, recording by volunteer George Thurner, W8FWG. (Downloadable zip file.)

Jim, KJ3P, has recorded the DXer's Handbook Second Edition by Bryce, K7UA, for our blind members.  If you are a handiham member you may enjoy the DAISY download, which will play on your DAISY player.

In Operating Skills:  Listen to the new UV5R audio tutorial!

From eHam: A short essay entitled "The Final Courtesy" recorded by Jim Perry, KJ3P.

From the ARRL website:  We hear from "The Old Man", as he bemoans "Rotten Weather Relays", originally published in the April 1920 QST, and republished now as part of the ARRL Centennial celebration.  This recording was made by Jim Perry, KJ3P, for the handiham program. 

Download the DAISY book - ARRL Public Service Handbook First Edition, recorded by Jim Perry KJ3P.  Large 436 MB zip file - allow extra download time.

We have added a supplement to the Kenwood TS-590S tutorial series by N3AIN.  It's about ALC settings using the VGS1 voice guide chip.

DAISY format article from the May 1953 QST: "The Man Who Broke the Bank", an interesting first look at station automation over 60 years ago.

2014-2018 Technician Question Pool with only correct answers in MP3 audio read by Jim Perry, KJ3P.

Accessing the Bookshelf feature on your NLS player - a short how-to.  Listen in MP3.

KJ3P has recorded the CQ interview story about KY2D and the Seeing Eye for our blind members.  Listen in MP3.

Op Skills:

Joe, N3AIN, tells us how to install Windows without sighted help by using a blind-accessible tool.

Listen to the new UV5R audio tutorial!  

We take a look at setting up an IRLP node as we continue our recording of the VoIP book.

In Operating Skills:  Joe Bogwist, N3AIN, opens his Radio in the Dark series with tutorials on how to use the new Kenwood TS-590S 160 - 6 m transceiver!

Get the N3AIN Radio in the Dark series above in DAISY format (Zip file download)

How to Construct a J-Pole Antenna by K8HSY - Zip file DAISY article designed for blind users.

How to Construct a  Double Bazooka HF Dipole Antenna by K8HSY - Zip file DAISY article designed for blind users.

Kenwood TMV71A dual band VHF/UHF FM transceiver in Daisy - 48 MB zip file.


In DAISY -  downloadable zip file audio tutorials for three Kenwood rigs:

  1. Kenwood TH-F6A Handheld radio audio tutorials by KA0PQW
  2. Kenwood TS-2000 audio tutorials by KA0PQW
  3. Kenwood TM-V71A audio tutorials by WA1RTB

Remote Base Stations:  The Remote Base Client Installation Page has been updated to include the new screenreader-friendly setup.

Interested in the VE program and becoming a volunteer examiner?  The ARRL VE Manual 2013 version is available in beta Daisy format with complete text and audio:

Learn to use the handiham Remote Base stations with a screenreader!

In Operating Skills:  Jim, KJ3P, reads the First Steps in Radio Article about the characteristics of the various HF bands.  perfect for newbies or experienced hams - from January 1985 QST.

Jose, KK4JZX, tells us about a new way being developed to make the Web Transceiver more blind-friendly.  Includes JAWS and NVDA audio demo of new proposed enter logon information screen.

Operating Skills Testing by WA0TDA

DAISY book reading software AMIS is free and will play our DAISY books on Windows computers.

Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV,  "Eyes-Free" guide for the Baofeng UV-5R, a new and inexpensive Chinese handheld radio. "Baofeng" is pronounced
"bow-fung".  Find it here:

Frequency Chart in DAISY format (Zip file)

Audio tour of Matt Arthur KA0PQW ham shack.

This is a sample of audio recorded with the open-source software Audacity. 

QST review of the Kenwood TS590S in mp3 audio read by WA0TDA for our blind members.

DAISY Book Updated: Wouxun KGUVD1P Handheld Radio Eyes-Free Tips & Tricks for the Blind User (ZIP file in DAISY format is 7 MB.)

YouTube video of W0ZSW remote base beta test setup.

Some new radios and how to keep from losing your HT

The new Wouxun blind-accessible talking dual band handheld radio has created quite a lot of interest. Check it out in Op Skills.

Links to updated Technician practice exams on the AA9PW site.

Joe, KA9OPL, writes about his TS-480 audio tutorials:

We have added several Kenwood manuals to the Manuals section of the website. These are for the Kenwood TS440, the TS570, and the TM-V71A. You will find them in the Manuals directory under Kenwood.

Membership is only $12 per year and is open to people with disabilities who are interested in learning ham radio. If you are joining one of these classes that is already underway, be sure to start at the beginning with the first lecture of the series.

Audio lecture on Sporadic-E propagation by KA0PQW.

Beacons 101 - learn about HF beacons and how they help you find out what bands are open.

From the archives: 2010 Accessible Radio Roundup, With the handihams by Pat Tice, WA0TDA, read by Bob Zeida, N1BLF, in MP3 format audio.

Plain text version of the 2010 Accessible Radio Roundup article.

MP3 download: How to get help with your radio problems, an article by WA0TDA, read by N1BLF.


Here is the remote base information:

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