NLS Digital Cartridge System Courage Kenny Handiham Program

How to get started in digital audio using the Library of Congress player

NLS digital player and mailer with cartridge

Before you do anything else, you need the player itself.  You must be eligible for National Library services, though.  You can find the requirements here:

The signup page is here:

For our members who do not have computers, there is a phone number: toll-free 1-800-424-8567.

If you wish to print an application for yourself or for a friend, please visit the NLS form page:

Once you are signed up for NLS and have received your player, it is time to start enjoying Handiham audio digests and audio courses in Technician, General, and Extra, plus Operating Skills lectures from time to time. To get started, please contact our main office to let us know what you want, and then send us a blank NLS cartridge and mailer, both marked with your name or callsign (or both) so that we know who sent it.  The cartridge will be filled with your order and returned to you in the reusable mailer.  There is no charge for this, as it is a service to Handiham members. Cartridges or mailers marked as property of the U.S. Government or other organizations may not be used for this Handiham service.  You must purchase your own blank cartridge and mailer.

Where to purchase cartridges and mailers:

Your local State Services for the Blind may either offer extra cartridges and mailers for sale or be able to refer you to a local source.  There are also places that serve the entire country.  Be sure to contact your own State Services for the Blind first so that you know what is available in your area.  There may be other specialized players available through them at low cost.  The standard NLS Digital Player will be provided free to qualified persons. 

Where to buy blank cartridges:

Here are two national sources for products of interest.  Notice that only APH carries the mailers.  NFB does carry the cartridges, but not the mailers. 

APH:  American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.

NFB Store Independence Market:

Please send your blank cartridge and mailer, marked with your name or callsign, to:

Courage Kenny Handiham Program
3915 Golden Valley Road
Mail Route #78446
Golden Valley, MN  55422

Your cartridge can be filled with our monthly digests and other Handiham special format audio, such as the licensing classes, and then returned to you.  There is no additional charge for this service, which is included in your annual membership. Cartridges may be used over and over.  Just return your cartridge to us for refilling.



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