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We have had some people mention that they cannot use MP3 files, and that they would like files in RealAudio format. Unfortunately, we don't have the server space and time to do the audio in two different formats. MP3 is easy to use, but you will need an MP3 software player on your computer. Windows Media Player and Winamp will work nicely.   Here is a list of what you need to make this course work for you:

  1. Handiham Members Only web access username & password
  2. Newer computer with Internet access, preferably a broadband connection, or a pretty fast dialup. Windows, Mac, and Linux computers will all work just fine. Old computers with slow processors running DOS will not work.
  3. A software program to listen online, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, etc. Winamp is very blind-accessible, and may be found at
  4. An option is a portable MP3 device into which you can download the audio .  If you can listen on the computer, this is not necessary, but it would make the audio more portable.
  5. Sound card and speakers for your computer. (All new computers have these.)
  6. A valid email address that you can check weekly for messages from the Friday Audio Update. Lecture notices are posted on Friday each week unless otherwise noted.

If you have problems accessing the audio, please email and let us know what the symptoms are. 



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