Handiham World Update for October 25, 2021

Saturday, November 27th, will be the next Zoom Gathering. We will focus on gratitude. Pemdy will send out the invitation several days ahead of time, so be sure to hang onto that email to join in the fun and fellowship.

We held our fifth class in the 2021 Basic Morse Code course tonight. It’s hard to believe we are that far along in the class already! The students are studying hard, making good use of the practice recordings they receive each week. In every class, they add more letters, numbers, punctuation, and prosigns to their repertoire.

Wednesday will be the sixth class in the General Class course. The students are learning all about radios signals and equipment this week. With cramming all the material into a 12 week course, our students have a lot of information to cover for each class!

If you are interested in the Intermediate Morse Code class or the Extra Class license course, we are planning to run both next year. You can reach out to Pemdy to get your name on the lists for an application when they are ready. Because of everything we have to cover for the Extra Class, that course will run a full 16 weeks, so keep that time commitment in mind.

We hope you have a great week,

Lucinda and Pemdy