Handiham World Update for December 13, 2021

I am so grateful for all the kind messages from Handiham members following the death of my mom, Janet Moody, KD8RPQ. Your words mean so much during this difficult time. I will be returning to my usual schedule this week and appreciate your patience as I catch up from my absence. As part of that catch-up process, there will only be a Handiham World Update this week. Look for a full issue of Handiham World along with the podcast next week on December 20th.

The Handiham Program office will be closed for the annual holiday break from December 24th through January 7th. If you have things you need before the end of the year, please reach out right away.

Due to ongoing problems with the Handiham AllStar setup, please use alternate ways to connect to the Handiham Radio Club nets. The best way is via Echolink with DMR as an alternative. We are thankful for some very helpful volunteers who are working on finding a solution to the AllStar issue and hope to have it up and running soon.

If you are interested in taking the Intermediate Morse Code class or the Extra Class license course, we are running both next year. The Extra Class course will start January 26th, and the Intermediate Morse Code course begins February 21st. You can reach out to Pemdy to get your name on the lists for an application when they are ready. Because of everything we have to cover for the Extra Class, that course will run a full 16 weeks, so keep that time commitment in mind. The Intermediate Morse Code course will be 13 weeks in length.

We held our 12th Basic Morse Code class tonight. After learning all the characters during the first 8 weeks of class, students are now working on increasing their ability to copy and send Morse code through practice QSOs. The General Class will cover safety this week. It’s hard to believe that both classes will end next week!

We hope you have a great week,

Lucinda and Pemdy