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Blind-Hams Mailing List at

There is a new blind-hams mailing list, a discussion forum for blind amateur radio operators. Check it out! The list has moved as of July 2017. Most everyone has made the move successfully. By the end of 16th July, I will delete the old list, which means it all goes away here and everything will be officially there instead of at the old list.

This is the new list address:

To subscribe, send email to:

If you have trouble, email me and I’ll subscribe you. Be aware that your first post requires moderator approval, so it might take a little bit to show up. After that, however, your posts should go through all right. Delivery on is very, very fast.
I think I’ve had word of one actual problem with a bouncing user. One. That’s a darn sight better than we got here, let me tell you.

So, yeah, sub to the other list. Clean up after yourselves, close the door on your way out, check around your seat for any personal items.

Very 73,

Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV – Erie, PA
Mobile (preferred): (814) 431-0962
Phone: (814) 860-3194