Practice Exams

Practice Exams

Ham radio study and practice exam websites collected by Handihams.

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Check out It offers an extensive array of ham radio learning and study materials. You can find study plans, flash cards, PowerPoint presentations, specialized explanations of concepts, such as “Ohm’s Law for Technician License Exams”, and even commercial exam prep materials. Everything is free or almost free and available to anyone. A great feature is the practice exam section. This site also offers Canadian amateur radio license preparation and commercial study for the GROL + ship radar endorsement.


We have recommended for years, and it is a special favorite of Jerry, N0VOE, who has worked with beginners in ham radio for us. Jerry likes because of its proven accessibility to blind users. There is an option for “no figures” in the exam and our blind users do indeed report that this site works well for them. Additional features include on line Morse code training and a Morse code app available from the iTunes store. AA9PW also includes practice exams for commercial licenses. offers practice exams for the amateur radio licenses. Go to the Resources menu then Practice Radio Amateur Exams in order to access the practice exam page.

Do a search for some kind of ham radio transceiver, in or out of production, and you will usually end up with a link to eHam reviews, which can be exceptionally helpful in doing research on a particular radio or accessory. But eHam also has a straightforward exam generator available at You can test for all three licenses, but as far as we can tell the site does not offer a “no figures” option. Still it does look to us like it is easy to use and probably screenreader accessible, aside from the figures included in the exams. has up to date exams on line and includes a “flash card” learning option. What is unique here is that you create an account (it’s free) and as you use the site, it learns which questions are giving you trouble and will emphasize those in subsequent practice exams.


Ham Test Online is a commercial site that is not free but that has received good reviews. It incorporates some learning features designed to minimize memorization and better prepare you for the actual exam. The cost varies between about $25 and $35 by license class for a two year subscription. Canadian Basic and Advanced are also offered. Learn more at


While does not provide a web-based exam practice option, it does offer the ARRL VE Exam Maker software as a download for volunteer examiners. This software installs on your computer and may be used in places where internet access is not available. It is available for Windows and Mac, and can update via the web when internet is available. It uses Adobe Flash, and its accessibility to blind users has not been tested by us. If any blind VEs can give us a report, we would sure appreciate it and will share your comments with our readers and listeners. The ARRL VE Exam Maker software is available at We find that it is highly customizable, allowing the user to lock out particular sections of the pool and choose a no figures option. There are “print” and “show answers” options. Accessible keyboard commands like CTRL-G to bring up the generate exam dialog are useful, but we are still looking for input on overall blind accessibility. Please report your findings to