Beta Update for 19 February 2013

To Handiham Members and Volunteers,

We are making progress and continuing to work on enhancing the remote base client software. The Remote Base Beta team has been working diligently in testing some very exciting fixes and features that will be released soon. If you have suggestions for improving the remote base client software, let us know and we will add your suggestions to the list. The sooner you get your suggestion in, the sooner you might see it in a future update. Want a peek at what’s coming up? Well, stay tuned as we continue to work to release the next version which will include fixes for the default browser issue and many more enhancements.

Thank you and enjoy. 73: KK4JZX

KK4JZX Update

Hello Handiham members and volunteers,

We are working on enhancing the Remote Base client for all to enjoy. While we are working behind the scenes to get you a much more feature-rich client, we recommend that you maintain your system up to date so that updates will work for you in the future. In particular, we are asking that you continue to update the .Net framework components as recommended by Microsoft. Performing the .Net Framework upgrades will not only keep your windows updated, it will ensure that when we provide components that require the .Net framework, you will be ready to move forward with the latest in Remote Base technology. New versions of the Remote Base client might require the use of .Net and, therefore, we ask that you maintain your systems up to date in the event that we are able to provide .Net functionality sooner rather than later.

73, KK4JZX

Error message in Windows 7 during full install, first time

Good afternoon handiham members and volunteers.

We would like to report that one issue has been corrected with the release of the remote Base client version 6.1. On certain windows 7 computers, you might receive an error as follows:



Unable to register the type library: RegisterTypeLib failed; code


Error accessing the OLE registry.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended),

or Abort to cancel installation.

Abort Retry Ignore

We are pleased to announce that this error condition has been corrected. Please download the latest installer and retry your installation. Of course, please continue to report issues to Handiham.

Thank you and 73: KK4JZX

Don’t use check for updates link

Dear Handiham members and volunteers:

We have released the Remote Base client and we want to let you know of one item to avoid using while we work on providing a fix. Under the Setup menu, there is an option to check for software updates. We ask that u not use this option as it will take you to a web site that is outdated. We are working to make this change to release the fix to everyone soon. Please excuse us while we are still ironing out some kinks out of this great application. Continue to visit the handiham web site for regular updates on current and future updates. 73, KK4JZX

Installer error fix

Good afternoon Handiham Members and Volunteers. We would like to report another fix that has been posted after the initial release of the remote base client version 6.1. Please visit the Handiham web site for the latest download of the remote base client. In this release, we identified and corrected a bug in which the installer was not completing before the new Remote base client was being launched. Hence, the client would launch and the installer would remain running until the remote Base client was closed. Now, we have posted a new Full installer for version 6.1 that fixes the confusing condition. 73: KK4JZX