W0EQO goes on line with Remotehams.com

Handiham Club station W0EQO is on line using the Remotehams.com RCForb software for rig control.  You may listen with the software, which is free.  Once the RCForb client is installed and running, you will find “the lobby”, a long list of stations around the world that are on the air using this system.  Use the search function to locate W0EQO.  This station is being tested and configured now; it is not available for club use yet.  Once testing is completed, it will be relocated to its new home in northern Minnesota.

While the station is being tested, it is using the antenna that had been serving W0ZSW.  As a result, W0ZSW is off the air, since no antenna is available.

Looking for the new software? Find it at Remotehams.com.