W0ZSW & W0EQO online for week of June 22 2015

Both Handiham Club remote base stations W0ZSW & W0EQO are online. Both will be using the W4MQ software with Skype for the audio. (Some short-term maintenance outages are expected.)

Remember that W0ZSW does not have voice frequency confirmation or SWR and power out metering while the IC-7200 is in place.  The TS-480HX is out for service.  Only Skype audio is available with W0ZSW.  IRB Sound will not work.  However, you will find that the station does work well and we encourage you to give it a try.  Just be sure you use Skype for the audio.

W0EQO does have voice frequency readout and is working normally.

USB desk microphone & LCD screen showing w4mq client.
USB desk microphone & LCD screen showing w4mq client.


Problem resolved with W0ZSW

The problem with W0ZSW losing connectivity on transmit has been resolved.  A bad crimped power connector was opening up, causing the transmitter to power down for an instant before coming back to life.  The bad connector was soldered and the station has returned to service, meaning the IC-7200 is now available during the week as usual.  The Kenwood TS-480HX is still in the shop awaiting repairs.