Remote Base Update

The stations are periodically offline due to weather conditions, especially in the summer thunderstorm season.  However, there is a serious impediment to blind operators due to the lack of keyboard commands in the 0.9 version software that is currently in use.  I have tested the accessibility and found it to be unacceptable in the Windows app and only marginally acceptable in the Android app.  This situation began almost a year ago when Microsoft decided to remove Adobe Flash capability from the Windows operating system, forcing the blind accessible 0.8 version remote software that I had been recommending and using to quit working.  The volunteers working on the new RCForb software had a non-Flash version in development since it was known that Microsoft would make this move, but unfortunately it had to be rushed to market and not all of the intended features were working.  This left blind users who depend on the keyboard shortcuts unable to effectively use the software.

Others have made this known on the Remotehams forum, where they have said that this feature would return, but as yet that hasn’t happened.  Last week I posted a “what’s up with this” comment but have not heard anything back yet.  I have been researching other possible options for remoting, but nothing else has the admin management tools that Remotehams does and is also free. 

Please let me know if you have any other ideas.  

Pat Tice, WA0TDA