Support for GWConnect ends 04 Aug 2014

For users of the remote base stations who use the GWConnect interface instead of Skype for remote base audio, there is some bad news – support ends on 04 August 2014.  You can download and install the regular version of Skype and use that if you wish.  W0ZSW may also be used with the internal IRB Sound client.

The following message came from AI Squared:

We were notified by Microsoft earlier today that support for SkypeKit, the heart of GWConnect, ended yesterday, July 31, 2014 and no further updates will be available. In addition, on Monday August 4, 2014 SkypeKit will stop working which means GWConnect will also stop working. We were hoping for a different outcome but this is beyond our control. We also hoped for a greater warning but again, we just became aware today.