Late September Update – Client fixes

Working on resolving a few things with the client.

1. Minimizing the number of .net conversion issues from over 400 to under 100.
2. accessing where accessibility will need to be addressed at this time.
3. Working on performance enhancements.

September 11, 2012: working on researching Array conversions from the current VB version for pre-VB.NET conversion. Will have to ensure that all arrays are properly dimensioned and that they are relative to 0 and not relative to 1. For arrays that are referenced incorrectly, I will address each individually.

September 11, 2012: release version build 0003 to the group. We want to test several changes that were made to the client. Specifically, we want to test how changing all Variant data types to typed variables will affect the application. While I completed extensive searches through the code to ensure no other areas were affected, nothing beats working on the code directly. Clients will have the final word.