Progress on 6.2X – Please report issues

To All Handiham Members and volunteers,

We are preparing for an upcoming release of the web transceiver client.  We are planning some minor updates which will make managing the remote stations much simpler.  One of the target milestones of the remote base client development project is to make the system simpler  to manage in addition to improving usability and accessibility.  Continue reading Progress on 6.2X – Please report issues

Development Update: 03 October 2012

The W4MQ client has been undergoing many changes. We are working on solving several issues which will make the next client version work much more smoothly.

1. The new W4MQ proof of concept Enter Login Information is under development. With this new interface, both sighted and non-sighted users will have a way to manage their remote stations in a much more intuitive and efficient manner. We are adding visual as well as non-visual features to this interface which we want to release to testing very soon.

2. Skype Runtime error 6 : overflow – This is an issue that we are working to solve in a current beta version of the client. We are gathering information in order to figure out what is causing the runtime error. Current, beta 7 of the W4MQ is under testing and we are obtaining technical information which will allow Jose Tamayo – KK4JZX to figure out how to solve the runtime error.

3. Various fundamental code changes are still being made to W4MQ in order to minimize the number of conversion errors in the application when moving to.NET.

4. A station has to be chosen from the list first before the status message shows for the particular station even when the station shows as the first in the list.

5. Various comments are being added to the client code in order to document certain functionality.

6. Client deployment process. We are working on preparing an installer that will allow Handiham members to install new versions of the W4MQ client without having to perform manual steps to copy files.

7. Performance Improvements. Look for many improvements in performance with the new client versions. This is a target for all versions of W4MQ client releases that we are going to make available to the general public.

8. Minor Interface improvements. Other improvements are going to be made to W4MQ and other items that are broken are being fixed. For example, the DX Summit option under Info will be fixed in the next version of the Web Transceiver client. A future version of the client will make the DX summit URL a customizable option. We are also making the client keyboard keys easier to understand.


Jose – KK4JZX

Late September Update – Client fixes

Working on resolving a few things with the client.

1. Minimizing the number of .net conversion issues from over 400 to under 100.
2. accessing where accessibility will need to be addressed at this time.
3. Working on performance enhancements.

September 11, 2012: working on researching Array conversions from the current VB version for pre-VB.NET conversion. Will have to ensure that all arrays are properly dimensioned and that they are relative to 0 and not relative to 1. For arrays that are referenced incorrectly, I will address each individually.

September 11, 2012: release version build 0003 to the group. We want to test several changes that were made to the client. Specifically, we want to test how changing all Variant data types to typed variables will affect the application. While I completed extensive searches through the code to ensure no other areas were affected, nothing beats working on the code directly. Clients will have the final word.