Software changes at W0ZSW & W0EQO

We have upgraded Skype on the W0ZSW host computer and also have removed the external program access to Skype on both host computers. We believe this program access was causing reliability problems, especially with W0EQO. Microsoft has been notifying users of Skype that the API (application programming interface) will no longer be supported in Skype after December. This means that Skype will still work with the remote bases, but that users will have to initiate the Skype call manually and then hang up the Skype call when they are finished using the stations. The built-in IRB Sound software may be used for receiving on either station instead of Skype, but to transmit on W0EQO you must use Skype for your audio. W0ZSW works fine with either Skype audio or IRB Sound audio, both for transmit and receive. We will make further announcements about the audio and let you know when we have rewritten the support pages.

What is an API? Find out on Wikipedia!

160 meter transmit returns to W0ZSW

Transmit on the 160 meter band has been added at station W0ZSW following antenna reconstruction. Please allow time for the antenna tuner, an LDG AT-1000 PRO, to tune. The tuner responds when RF is applied, so one could tune in AM mode, identifying your transmission while providing a carrier to allow for the tuning process. Once the LDG memorizes the tuning for a given frequency, it should not be necessary to repeat this process for that frequency. All transmissions MUST be identified – no exceptions! Do not transmit phone in non-phone bands. In those cases, you may identify by CW as appropriate, following all regulations.