What’s new in 6.2


Welcome to the New Web Transceiver Software Version!

This version of the W4MQ software has been developed to correct issues as documented throughout the beta cycle for version 6.2. We are pleased to announce that more enhancements are being developed and handiham members and volunteers can look forward to a bright future through the use of remote bases hosted for Handiham members.

With this version of W4MQ, we get closer to a more stable and compatible client. We are moving the client toward the new era of technology by developing any new component to be compliant with the .Net framework. In addition, we are preparing the current legacy client to have accessibility for individuals that require a Screen Reader capable version.

So, what have we done for this version of W4MQ?

1. CW filters: Thanks to Eliot, KE0N, for this discovery. IT was an enormous effort to find this needle in the great haystack of coding. We discovered that CW filters had been broken since our second beta release a few months ago. Now, we are finally able to use CW filters again and we apologize to those folks that do rely on Morse code.

2. IRB Sound is fixed : While working on internal client updates, IRB sound stopped functioning. IRB sound is now working properly.

3. Broken Links are fixed: We have fixed every single broken link in the application. Where there were old links pointing to old sites, new links have replaced the defunct ones and they all work properly now.

4. Default Browser Launch: Backed by popular demand! all Web launches from the application now use the computer’s default browser. In version 6.1 and prior, all users were forced to use Internet Explorer. Several users e-mailed us indicating they did not like to have Internet Explorer launch since they used another provider’s browser.

5. Performance Enhancements: This is a target for every release of Web Transceiver. As we move along with the code, we are improving performance in many areas.

6. Redirection of all documentation is now to the handiham remote base host site. When you use a link that brings up help for the Web Transceiver, the Handiham web site is visited for the latest documents available. This is because many of the links that were in the Remote Base client were not functioning properly and were causing confusion.

7. Check for Updates is Fixed: The check for updates feature now takes the users to the correct page for software updates.

8. Internal code enhancements: We have centralized many of the hard coded internals into a single easy-to-maintain set of coding standards where hard coded values have been stored in easy to manage containers. This means that most updates should take much less effort
to complete since management of the internal code is easier now.

9. Cleanup of defunct client code: Some menu items that are not required have been removed permanently from Web Transceiver. For example, Set PC Volume and Mic levels are no longer needed and have been removed from the setup menu.

10. Internal code documentation: We have developed much more documentation internally to aid in the quick development and release of new features with the remote Base client.

11. 200 Watt support on W0ZSW: Handiham members can take advantage of 200 watts support on some of the bands for the W0ZSW station. Please read the documentation to inform yourself on this feature enhancement.

12. Help and Support: If you need help and support, there is now an option under Info / Help which takes you directly to the support page if you need help!

The future of the W4MQ remote client is bright. We hope that, as we continue to enhance this client, we are able to provide value. Look for the following enhancements as we move forward.

1. Screen Reader Accessible versions of W4MQ
2. Support for new versions of Skype
3. Better support for hot keys within the client
4. and much much more!

The Handiham Remote Base Client Team!

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager