Check Station Status with JAWS 13 or 14

Want to check station status using JAWS 13 or 14?  Here are three ways to do it! 

Listen to or download this tutorial in MP3 format audio…

…or read the instructions below:

Method 1 is to use the JAWS cursor 

1. Launch the Remote Base Client

2. Login to your favorite station or just check status by continuing the steps

3. Press JAWSKey+Num Pad Minus (on a desktop computer, the JAWSKey is the INSERT key and on laptops, the JAWSKey is the CapsLock key).

4. Press CTRL+END to get to the bottom of the window. You will hear Remote IRBs button

5. Press the up arrow and you will hear Select W0EQO or Select W0ZSW or your own station mentioned.

6. Press the up arrow again. You will hear Radio Audio.

7. Press Up arrow once more. This is where you want to be. You are going to hear the selected station plus the states and some additional information.

8. Press the home key to get to the beginning of the line.

9. Now you can use the CTRL+Right or left arrows to navigate this line. You will hear the station status right next to the station name.

10. When done, press the numpad Plus key to set the PC cursor.

Method 2 is to use the Virtualize Screen option (INSERT+ALT+W)

1. Launch the Remote Base client

2. Press JAWSKey+ALT+W (on desktop computers, JAWSKey is the INSERT key and on laptops it is the CapsLock key). You will hear JAWS virtualizing the window.

3. Now press CTRL+END to navigate to the bottom of the virtualized window.

4. Press Up arrow until you hear the station name such as W0EQO

5. Now, press the home key to get to the beginning of the line where the station name is mentioned.

6. Use CTRL+Right arrow to navigate through this line. You should hear the station status on this line.

Method 3 is to use the JAWS 13 or 14 Convenient OCR.

1. Launch Web Transceiver

2. Press JAWSKey+Spacebar . JAWS will make a sound indicating that it is waiting for a command.

3. Press O for OCR JAWS will announce OCR

4. Press W for window to OCR the window. JAWS will announce that the OCR process has begun and will announce when it is completed.

5. Now press CTRL+END to get to the bottom of the recognized window.

6. Press up arrow until you hear your station with the status information right next to it.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes. 

73, KK4JZX


Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager