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Important!  We have released a new software client 6.20230.  Please upgrade your existing software immediately to avoid lags in response time and to add CW filters and upgraded menus, plus an improved memories dialog.
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TS-480 transceiver used in Handiham stations

The W4MQ software is hosted at Handiham.org.  It is free for anyone to download and use.  Access to the two Handiham stations is available via GUEST login or Echolink for receive only.  Transmit use is a Handiham member service.  You may download and install the host software to operate your own internet remote base station.

Stan Schretter, W4MQ, wrote the W4MQ Internet Remote Base software and was a recipient of the ARRL Technical Innovation Award.  This software, offered as a free service to the amateur radio community, allows  users to control an Internet accessable160m through 70cm amateur radio station.  Important notice for Mac and Linux users:  The W4MQ software has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 8 32 and 64 bit. It has been tested on SLAX Linux with WINE, and does run the main rig control client but not the IRB Sound, so Skype for Linux must be used for sound.  It may also run under WINE on Intel-based Macs, but this has not been tested.  At this time there are no support pages for operation under WINE, but we welcome comments.

We are giving the software a new home on the Internet, thanks to Stan.  We were saddened to learn of the death of Bob Arnold, N2JEU, who had taken over the hosting on the software for Stan.  We will continue the hosting of the installation files as well as a discussion forum.  We also plan to do some updates as we move forward.

Handiham Stations:  These pages refer to the setup for the two Handiham Remote Base stations W0EQO and W0ZSW.  Both stations are available to Handiham members as a member service.  We do not give transmit access to non-members, but everyone is welcome to try the stations on receive.  This may be done by licensed amateurs using EchoLink. If you are blind, you may want to check out our Audio Tutorial on the Remote Base.

W4MQ Client Software: This is where you want to begin if you are interested in what the whole remote base thing is about, or if you are interested in installing the software to use someone else’s existing remote base station via your computer.

W4MQ Host Software: If you want to set up your own station as a remote base that can be accessed from the internet, you will need the Host software.

Please send error reports to wa0tda@arrl.net.

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