Operating Skills to Include IRB Operation at Radio Camp 2014

2014 Radio Camp Operating Skills (Saturday, August 16 through Saturday August 23, 2014)

  • Our study guide for 2014 Handiham Radio Camp Operating Skills will be the ARRL Public Service Handbook First Edition.  It is available from your favorite ham radio dealer or directly from ARRL.  Blind Handiham members should contact us for the DAISY version.  We will be happy to place it on your NLS DAISY cartridge for you. 

  • We are working on the camp application process this week.  Radio Camp applications will be sent from True Friends, the new nonprofit camping entity that operates Camp Courage, where we will be enjoying the Radio Camp session this coming August. 

  • If you have already contacted our Handiham office for a camp application, don’t worry – we will make sure True Friends sends you an application. 

  • We are pleased to have a full week of camp this year.  More time for more fun! 

    Screenshot of True Friends 2014 catalog with camper pictures on knotty pine board background.

    This is a photo of the new 2014 True Friends Summer catalog. Be watching for it in your mailbox if you have camped with us before.  You will not receive a separate Radio Camp application packet from Nancy this time – so be sure to pay attention to the True Friends catalog and mailings!  We did hear from one potential radio camper who threw the camp materials away because he thought they were from someone else. 

  • If you are planning to attend Radio Camp and need radio equipment to complete your station, please let us know when you send your camp application in.  We will have equipment available for you to take home after camp if it is available.  

  • As before, we also plan to send new Technicians home with two meter radios. 

  • Some interesting facts about True Friends:

    • True Friends had been called "Camps of Courage and Friendship" after Courage Center and Friendship Ventures, both involved in camping for people with disabilities, merged to form a brand-new nonprofit to carry on their shared mission.

    • Some of your old familiar faces are still right there at camp, including Tony Bown, and his mom Colleen, both of whom have worked many Handiham Radio Camps in the past. Although Tom Fogarty, KB0FWQ, has retired, his wife Mimi is on the board of True Friends.

    • Both Camp Courage and Camp Courage North have retained their old names, which they have had for many years. 

    • Handiham Remote Base station W0EQO is permanently located at Courage North and is available for your use 24/7.

    • Handiham repeater W0EQO-R is at Camp Courage, where it runs 24/7, always connected to the *HANDIHAM* Echolink conference. We will enjoy being connected to the world while at camp this summer – all you need is a two meter handheld radio!

    • True Friends operates three other camps besides the two Courage camps.  There are many opportunities for fun at camp, thanks to True Friends!

    • Contact information and addresses of all the camps are on the True Friends website: