Some HF nets to check out on the Minnesota Remotes

The YL System Net is found daily on 14.332 MHz USB.  It is a good first stop on 20 meters as you check propagation.  You will find other Handiham members checking into the YL System Net, which is – in spite of its name – not only for “YL’s” – “young ladies”.  It is actually a fellowship net and everyone is welcome.  It operates every day of the year.

MIDCARS provides travel assistance on 7.258 MHz LSB.  This is a very active frequency year-round as the net has a wide geographic footprint in the USA Midwest.

SOUTHCARS, the South Coast Amateur Radio Service, provides regular scheduled nets, traffic information, and more on 7.251 MHz and has a large VoIP presence as well. There are two websites:

PICONET is on 3.925 MHz.  It is on daily except Sundays, and you will find HF-savvy Handiham members checking in. 

Breakfast Club Net is found on 3.973 MHz every morning from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM USA Central Time.  Anyone can check in to this friendly social net to have a cup of coffee with your ham radio buddies and if you want, you can even be a club member.  An amateur may qualify for membership in the Breakfast Club by checking into the net 10 times, not necessarily consecutive or in any particular time period.

All five nets, YL System Net, MIDCARS, SOUTHCARS, PICONET and Breakfast Club, may be heard on the Minnesota HF Remotes.

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager