Logging function not working in Windows 8

Here is a blog update for folks using Windows 8:

To all Handiham Members and volunteers,

While we work on updating the remote base client, we are uncovering some issues. We work on issues that affect overall critical client functionality first. We have uncovered that the Log feature will not function consistently under Windows 8. On most systems, Windows 8 does not permit writing logs to application folders in Program Files. The W4MQ client was developed before windows 8 and must be updated to support some of windows 8 security mechanisms. If you encounter an issue creating log files while using the remote base client under Windows 8, please hang on while we try to implement a fix. The fix may not come soon but we are aware of it and have it on the list of important fixes to send to the remote base users. We now consider this to be a known issue and have added the issue to the master list.

We appreciate your patience while we work on these very important features and enhancements for the Remote Base client.

Thank you and 73: KK4JZX

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Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager