How to remove outdated Skype permissions using keyboard commands

Sometimes you may need to clear out old permissions from the Advanced Settings area of Skype in order for the W4MQ software to interact correctly with Skype. Here are keyboard commands that will get you to the right spot:

1. Go to the Skype interface.

2. Press ALT+T for tools

3. Arrow up to Options and press Enter

4. Arrow down to Advanced

5. Tab over until you hear Manage Other Programs Access to Skype Link and press ENTER

6. For each instance of WebXcvr.exe, do the following

a. Tab to the remove button

b. SHIFT+TAB back to the list of Applications

c. Find the next instance of WebXcvr.exe and repeat from step a.

7. When all done, tab over to OK and press ENTER to exit the Options menu.

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager