Do I have to open ports on my router?

Client Software: Users who are not operating their own remote base stations

You do not have to open any special ports on your router to use the W4MQ client side Remote Base software.  If you plan to access the remote base stations to use the receivers via Echolink, you will either have to use an Echolink proxy or open the necessary ports as described in the support pages at

When you install the software for the first time or do upgrades, you may be asked by User Account Control in Windows whether you wish to proceed and whether you wish to allow the software to have access through the Windows firewall.

Windows security alert dialog showing "Windows has blocked some features of this program." The program is webxcvr.exe."Private networks, such as my home or work network" is selected.
Windows security alert screenshot.

You will need to grant access.  You must also allow the software to access the internet through the Windows firewall.  Choose the correct option (usually the default home network one.)

Skype does not require any port forwarding.

Host Software: Users who wish to operate their own remote base station (making their stations accessible via the Internet)

The IRBHost REQUIRES that the following ports be forwarded through your router and/or firewall directly to the computer running the IRBHost2 software

  • UDP 47701 Control and Status In
  • UDP 47708 IRB Sound In
  • TCP 47880 Built-in Web server port

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