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So, what else is new with Web Transceiver version Menu Redesign

We at Handiham are all about simplicity and ease of use.  That is why we are redesigning the menu system.  To make things simpler, the new version of Web Transceiver has all menu options functioning.  We have also removed defunct menu options that are not compatible with Windows 8.  Some menu options are no longer needed and are being removed.  Hang in there folks, we are making Web Transceiver simpler to use for all To enjoy.

Under the Setup menu, you will now find the Enter logon Info option  as the first item on the list.  If you want to modify your existing station or add a new one to the list, then the Enter Logon  Info menu is where you want to be.

Want to update your client, Under Setup, you will find an option named Update software.  This option now works and has two major fixes:  The Web Transceiver does not terminate and you are actually taken to the site where you can download the latest client.  Go ahead, give it a try and give us your feedback.

Under Info / help, you will now find a link to the Keyboard commands.  Visit this option if you want to read all about the hot keys that are supported by web transceiver.  Remember, you will be taken to the correct web site that has all the hot keys available for the application.

Need Technical support?, well under Info / Help, you will find a new option named WebXcvr Help / support which takes you to the help pages at  Visit the pages often for updated tips and suggestions. When you need help, please first visit the Handiham remote Base web page.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, then e-mail us with your request.  Remember to use the following tips for submitting your issues.

If you are testing and notice an issue, it helps if you can answer the following in your report:

Is the problem repeatable?  Try whatever it was that led to the issue again and find out, then if it is repeatable report that fact along with the issue.  We  mention this because sometimes we think something has gone wrong, when in fact we have made a typo or clicked the wrong thing, didn’t have Skype logged in, or something else.

What are the conditions at the time of the report?  This means that we need to know the version of your client, which station you were using (w0eqo or w0zsw), which sound type you had selected, and anything else that might have influenced the outcome of your test.  Depending on what you are testing, we might need to know the frequency and operating mode.

Did you solve a problem?  If so, tell us the above, plus what you did to get it to work right.  If you have a suggestion on a fix that could prevent the problem, please include that.

Enjoy and have fun !  73: KK4JZX

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager