USB desk microphone & LCD screen showing w4mq client.

Why is the remote base client not autoconnecting to Skype?

We have a suggestion for those folks who sometimes do not have the Remote Base client automatically connect to the remote station using Skype as the sound option.  Please note that this is one suggestion among many that we plan to post on Skype connectivity issues with the Remote Bases. 

1. When Skype does not automatically connect , make sure Skype is running first.

2. Switch to the Skype window and verify that Skype is not prompting for Access Grant to the Web Transceiver software.

3. If Skype is prompting for Access Grant to WebXcvr.exe, grant it and make the connection to your station manually.

4. When you disconnect from the remote station, Skype should automatically disconnect.

Tell us how it goes for you.  73, KK4JZX.

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager