Echolink Commands

You can control the remote base receivers with Echolink, as long as the station owner has enabled this feature on the hosting computer.  Simply start the Echolink application, then connect to the node of the station you wish to use.  You are NOT allowed to connect to the stations via an RF link through a repeater system. Only Echolink application connections are allowed, and only for receive.  No conferences may be connected, either.

You can control the mode and frequency by entering the commands into the text box and then pressing the <ENTER> key.

A = AM



To enter a frequency, type in the frequency in MHz with a decimal point:

14.3 = 14.300 MHz

You can go to whole numbers by typing them in without the decimal:

10 = 10 MHz

If a control operator logs into the station via the W4MQ software, you will lose control via Echolink, but you can still listen.  The stations W0EQO-L and W0ZSW-L support up to five Echolink users each.  If there is no control op logged in with the W4MQ software and there are multiple Echolink users, he first Echolink user should be allowed to control the station by virtue of being the first one there.

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager