What have we been working on? New functionality to save your favorites!

We are working on enhancing the remote base client even further folks!  The upcoming update will have added functionality in the area of Memories.  We heard from some of you and we are answering!  We told you, if you ask and we can do it, then it will be done.  The handiham remote base client now can be used for saving your favorite bands.  When you receive the next update, you might find it much simpler to save your memories so that you don’t have to muddle through and figure it all out every time you launch the remote Base client.  Even better, we have added some level of accessibility for screen reader clients.  For those of you waiting to be able to use the Memories function, hang in there for a bit longer because we think you might  like this new capability for screen reader users.  We do urge you to read the online documentation before using the feature !  We also know that you will come up to speed quite quickly on the enhanced capability.  So, when will the next version be released?, subscribe to the RSS feed or just visit this page often to find out!

73, KK4JZX

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager