Handiham Remote Base shows online in W4MQ but Skype shows it as offline, why?

Folks, we have had this question and wanted to provide an answer.  The W4MQ host software will provide a status to the remote client indicating whether the radio is available or not.  You can see this status on the remote Base client when you first bring it up and choose a station such as W0EQO or W0ZSW.  The text that is displayed will tell you if the station is available for use and this status is separate from the Skype station status.  If the station you are attempting to log into shows as available but Skype shows the station as disconnected, please report it to us immediately.  While the station may be available, the Skype software may have encountered a crash on the host side and may need to be restarted.  Skype is used for the audio portion of the remote base and the W4MQ client software is used to remote control the remote rig.  Of course, if you do encounter any issues, please let us know.   73, KK4JZX

Published by

Patrick Tice

Handiham System Manager