12 Meter Transmit Fixed

K0LR says:

Thanks to Woody, N5XCX, for discovering an issue while utilizing the new remote base client. A typo was discovered in the remote station configuration files. The typo has been corrected and SSB transmission should now be possible on 12 meter frequencies above 24930 kHz. Give it a try folks! 73 from KK4JZX

Progress on 6.2X – Please report issues

To All Handiham Members and volunteers,

We are preparing for an upcoming release of the web transceiver client.  We are planning some minor updates which will make managing the remote stations much simpler.  One of the target milestones of the remote base client development project is to make the system simpler  to manage in addition to improving usability and accessibility.  Continue reading Progress on 6.2X – Please report issues

Echolink Commands

You can control the remote base receivers with Echolink, as long as the station owner has enabled this feature on the hosting computer.  Simply start the Echolink application, then connect to the node of the station you wish to use.  You are NOT allowed to connect to the stations via an RF link through a repeater system. Only Echolink application connections are allowed, and only for receive.  No conferences may be connected, either. Continue reading Echolink Commands

Why is the remote base client not autoconnecting to Skype?

We have a suggestion for those folks who sometimes do not have the Remote Base client automatically connect to the remote station using Skype as the sound option.  Please note that this is one suggestion among many that we plan to post on Skype connectivity issues with the Remote Bases.  Continue reading Why is the remote base client not autoconnecting to Skype?